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Anti-Aging Data - July 2020

Analyze broad demographic trends in Anti-Aging

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Demographic Trends

The table below provides a breakdown of conversational volume data against the three key demographic categories - gender, age and race - for the three months ending July 30, 2020.

The consumer speaking about anti-aging is typically female, age 30 to 64 and White.


While women speak about anti-aging at ~6x the rate as men, each gender's contribution rate is normative compared to the rate at which each group speaks about all other Beauty topics, as indicated by the percentile for males and females. In other words, we expect the average Beauty topic on Instagram to have about 85% of its conversation volume coming from individuals identified as female, and that is what we see when we look at Anti-Aging conversations.


From a race perpspective, White and Asian consumers dominate anti-aging conversations, contributing almost 90% of the total volume. African American and Hispanic consumers barely contribute to topic's conversations in comparison. Based on what we know about African American and Hispanic consumers' contribution to Beauty conversations on Instagram, we would expect them to be more engaged with this topic.

Demographics data for "Anti-Aging"
Read as: 85.79% of Anti-Aging conversations on Instagram came from individuals identified as Female during the 3 months ending July 2020. With a 51st percentile ranking, about 49% of other Beauty topics are more highly concentrated among Females in comparison, which is about the expected rate based on a normative distribution ranking ranging from 1-100.


As exhibited in the bar charts below, over the past two years, younger demographic groups have remained more consistent in their contribution to anti-aging conversations when compared to older demographic groups. The degree to which older groups speak about anti-aging has been on a slight downward trajectory over the past two years.

Age "Age 25 to 29" for "Anti-Aging" - Global raw
Read as: In July of 2020, about 35.1% of Anti-Aging conversations on Instagram came from individuals ages 25-29.

Age "Age 30 to 34" for "Anti-Aging" - Global raw

Age "Age 35 to 44" for "Anti-Aging" - Global raw

Age "Age 45 to 54" for "Anti-Aging" - Global raw

Age "Age 55 to 64" for "Anti-Aging" - Global raw

Key Benefits and Concerns

The chart below looks at the key benefits & concerns found in Anti-Aging conversations. A majority of topics are focused on Skincare as we see oily skin and dark spots taking pole positions in terms of change in Raw Penetration, and wrinkle free taking a similar position in Penetration Percentile.

Natural and plant based ingredients look to be gaining ground in Anti-Aging conversations as we see vegan, plant-based, cruelty-free and organic increasing in volume relative to 2019.

Key Benefits & Concerns in Anti-Aging Conversations

X-axis: Raw Penetration - rel chng 12 mn How have these benefits & concerns grown or declined in Anti-Aging conversations over 12 months?
Y-axis: Penetration Pctl Are these benefits & concerns over or under represented in Anti-Aging conversation relative to Beauty?
Circle Color: Raw Penetration How prominent are these benefits & concerns in Anti-Aging conversations?
Circle Size: Topic Prominence Number of posts/conversation related to the Topic


Demographic Spotlight: Female, Ages 25 to 29

Diving a little deeper into the Female, Age 25 to 29 demographic - a key target group for expanding the Anti-Aging buyer universe - the chart below analyzes the change in conversation voume over the past twelve months for Skincare ingredients that are of particular importance to this demo.

Natural and plant-based ingredients are featured heavily in their conversations and are showing siginifcant year-on-year growth within Anti-Aging conversations. Orange blossom and arnica have seen the most growth over this time period.

Key Ingredients in Anti-Aging Conversations for Females, Age 25 to 29
Read as: Females ages 25-29 express an affinity for speaking about orange blossom. Orange blossom has increased the rate at which it appears in the average Anti-Aging conversation by >120% since last year.



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